Suggestion: dnfDrake and RepoPicker need a launch feedback

dnfDrake and RepoPicker need launch feedback, because they
start-up real slow, yesterday I saw a YT OpenMandruva review
where they came to the conclusion these would not work, but I
know it was just a matter of launch feedback and time,

also I propose that at the repo picker to ask for a password
just once, and not for every repo you add?

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@ycom1 dnfdrake opens fast here.
After it takes a bit of time to load the packages lists (however you can hit ‘Skip’ button -time in max ~5 seconds- if you don’t need to refresh the lists) sure, but that’s all :slight_smile:

sorry, I meant if you start it from the control center, you click no indication that you clicked whatsoever then it takes quite long until the window shows up.

The OM control center module first checks if the application is already installed. If found it launches the app, if not found it will start the installation script.
You will lose… what? guess less than a second for the check.

OM welcome module is the same.

Are we talking about the same thing? I’m a bit surprised :slight_smile:

if you click repoPicker you get no click feedback, no launch feedback and
wait for say 8 to 9 Seconds until a window appears :slight_smile:

Well I can’t respond about repo-picker, but will investigate :wink:

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I just installed dnfDrake in Rolling VBox VM from the OM-Welcome. It opens right away. Do not understand this one. Plus when OM-Welcome does the install process it pops a window telling user “this may take awhile”. But there is something about dnfDrake, if one installs it any other way they will get about 150 Gambas packages and that might slow down how fast it opens. Not sure about that.

om-rep-picker does take some seconds to open. For me on my desktop about 3-5 sec. and about 6-8 in a Rolling VBox VM. IMO this could use some kind of progress indicator like a bouncing icon or progress bar, or a simple window that tells user “Opening”.

that is exactly what I meant :slight_smile:

None of this excuses a reviewer for deciding something does not work after seconds. That is just stupid. IMO. But I have a low regard for reviewers in general. Most of them are time wasters.

Up to 10 seconds here on SSD Irdium v2 with brtfs.
Worth to check why it starts slow. Anyway startup time on hdd drive and VB can be even slower.

In my main Cooker VBox, it took 13 seconds to launch with nothing else open/running/minimized.

With Firefox running, it took 18 seconds.

yes it is maybe more important to have a launch or progress indicator,
cause maybe it is taking time anyways, which is also not so bad,
I am guessing there are informations being generated. :slight_smile: