Stuck on GRUB wallpaper after pressing enter for livegui boot[Nvidia GPU laptop]


  • OpenMandriva Lx version:

OpenMandriva ROME 23.08

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):
    NONE(related to boot of livegui)

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):

When I press Enter to start the livegui on the GRUB menu everything is frozen, my mouse leds are on but the red laser is off, the USB stick is blicking indicating reads and then stop, I’m stuck with a background of the GRUB menu and nothing works. The ISO is not corrupted, SHA1 matches perfectly.

  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):

My Hardware :
CPU : Intel Core i5-12450H 8C/12T 4.4GHz.
RAM : 32GB DDR5 4800MHz.
GPU : NVidia RTX 4060 8GB Laptop GPU.
Storage : Western Digital SN770 1TB, TBW Endueance : 600TB

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My guess is this has something to do with: GPU : NVidia RTX 4060 8GB Laptop GPU

But I do not know that for sure and have no suggestion at the moment. I passed this along to folks/devs at OpenMandriva Chat.

Granted I am distracted by last minute packing/details for a trip tomorrow.

I can’t reproduce this on any of my hardware, but my guess would also be that it’s related to the nvidia GPU, their Linux support is horrible.

If your BIOS has such an option, can you try switching between the integrated and the external GPU?

If not, do any of the boot options under Troubleshooting in the grub menu work?
Does a current cooker snapshot work? (There have been a few firmware updates that could be related).

Yep, it was related to the nvidia GPU…
I simply disabled it in the BIOS and it works now, I’ll update my system after installation and maybe re-enable the nvidia gpu… because i heard intel igpu works better than nvidia gpus under linux(not performance wise but more bugs and stability wise)

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