Structure for menu

Discuss and get help

  • OpenMandriva Forum
  • [list of mailing lists]
  • Community Pods
or better a child page


Cooker -> Cooker - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva
Localization -> …
Moderation -> …
Quality Assurance -> …
The Workshop -> …
Artwork -> …
Communication -> …
Documentation -> …
Infrastructure -> …

See at / Contributors

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Gallery link is missing

Access documentation > Gallery :question:

Right thanks, as well as projects

OK I’m working on menu right now, I’ll add the missing links and connect it to transifex.

I’ve reworked on menu, please can people comment? Once it’s approved, I’ll send the locale for translations.

Oh and BTW welcome @colin :smile:

Pods menu seems not working.

Oops will fix it :confused: thanks for report!