Something really weird is going on with ABF now

Trying to do a few thing in ABF. Something weird keeps happening. Ever time I change page it starts our briefly in English and then somehow transforms to Italian. After it does that I find a language list but There is no English in the list… Gonna make it really hard for me to learn how to use ABF if it works like this…

You blithering idiot! :dizzy_face:

Someone, probably you, you old fart, accidentally turned on "Automatic translate for ‘’. :lying_face: Try turning it off dumb-ass.:clown_face:

Edited: I hoped to add humor.
Edit: If we did this globally :nerd_face: for a day it might get really funny… :innocent:

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Welll… It was either turn it in to humor or admit how horribly I had screwed up.

Moving to Coffee Break. Which is where I should have been before the first post in this thread…

Anyway no need to distract Cookers from serious work.