Some Guy getting old and soft

Getting soft in my old age. Use U block origin in Firefox don’t generally like ads.

Have always said if you would tone it down stay away from the pop ups and no porn ads or porn pop-ups and I would relent and allow ads on some sites. Some sites get ridiculous with the ads. Anyway lately I’ve been shutting off U block origin at night (sleep time!) so some sites can make some coin while I sleep. in particular the TV schedule and the weather I only shut off U block on those pages for now and turn U block back on when I get to computer in the morning. We’ll see how it goes.

But I better not wake up some morning with some 23 yr old pole dancer smuggling cantaloupes in her bikini top swinging across my desktop screen on a trapeze.

Then it’ll be “shows over kidee’s U block is back”.

It is perhaps a useful feature that user can shut off u block on specific pages only. But I think most other ad blockers can do so also. :clown_face:

If I’m correct, the Brave navigator propose a way to make some sites earn money (not sure about how) and you’ll get anyway protected from the Pole dancer :slight_smile:

Note: my work colleague being also a pole dancer, I can tell you they’re not as dangerous as they seem :rofl:

I hate the ads … that I don’t choose myself.
Over the years, I developed the faculty to automatically filter all things that aren’t directly linked to the topic I’m looking for. Even worst: for me ads = bad quality, so I tend to avoid the things that are subject to advertisements.

However, I’m not insensitive to a beautiful brushless drill or a powerful jigsaw.
Even a silent mouse can make me “dream” :wink:
Such are my own contradictions …

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