Some bugs in OMLX 4 alpha 1

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I’ve tried editing with
rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau xorg.blacklist=nouveau

Is it what you mean? Or you mean exactly what you wrote?

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rd.something= usually doing operations inside the initramfs where values without rd. operates
on real root too. So yes apped driver.blacklist=nouveau too …


Ok. Should I try another installation without LVM option?


Turning off live mode to try blacklisting options …

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What does turning off live mode mean?

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Do we need to add something about this to Release Notes and/or Errata?

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LVM installations are limited , is why you don’t see any UIX support for that in calamares.
Also for LVM you really need to know what are you doing.

So yes install without.

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We cannot support LVM and RAID installations at this point. ( is being working on but
is far away to get GUI support )



With blacklisting nouveau as you told me to do, installation without live mode now worked fine. After installation, as opposed to what happened with the live mode, to be able to login without freezing I had to edit booting parameters again (blacklisting nouveau). Now, I’m posting this with the installation I’ve just made, not in live mode!!!

I guess, LVM and maybe other options that are not working should not appear …

And I have another question, if I use gparted for partitioning and set LVM with it, will OM LX 4.0 be OK?

Thanks a lot!


Just meant I was about to turn off the computer which was in live CD mode.

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And I have another question, if I use gparted for partitioning and set LVM with it, will OM LX 4.0 be OK?

I cannot tell you that for sure. Is not about what tool you are using. LVM has just a very basic implementation in
calamares for now. That is because KPMcore just started to implement LVM/RAID and KPM is what
calamres is using.

I may do a howto for advanced users sometimes before final release , but to be clear we cannot really support
that as ‘Will work out of box feature’

Thanks a lot!

You welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve edited /etc/default/grub so as to blacklist nouveau with

rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau driver.blacklist=nouveau xorg.blacklist=nouveau

but upon rebooting I had to edit grub again. That is, editing /etc/default/grub did not worked. How to set this blacklisting for next boots?

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Well just editing the file won’t help :slight_smile:

After editing run:

 sudo /usr/sbin/grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
 sudo dracut -f

Once that fihished check /boot/grub2/grub.cfg before rebooting … your options should be there.


Worked fine. Thanks.


I’ve configured my wife as another user. Did it using kuser since MCC is no longer available. Since Kuser does not allow to change users “face” at SDDM, how will I change users icons at SDDM?
Isn’t this question out of the scope of this topic?

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KUser ?:slight_smile: You should use user-mager from System Setttings. With this one you can have face icon.

SSDM will or should use whatever you set there.

If is not working for some reason you can workaround that manually and report is a bug.
All you need to have is your avatar/image placed as:


Logout/Login or reboot and you should have the icon shown in SDDM login screen.

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No, wait…
This cannot work this way.

Please don’t mix everything here.
Already “Some bugs in omlx 4 alpha 1” is awful topic title.

Please start a new topic for each issue you may encounter.


Now I’m closing the topic.
Please anyone needing: start a new his own one, give it a meaningful title, and if it’s a continuation of anything here please put reference to the relevant comment.
Thank you.

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