[Solved] 1 page flyer

Bero < @bero > requested to revise a bit our previous flyer made at that time for FOSDEM.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

Here is an excerpt from his emails:

We can have a flyer distributed to all (around 250) participants of http://linuxpiter.com/ if we can deliver it on time.
Do we still have the files for the one we had at FOSDEM a couple of years back?


Probably the Workshop team knows best how to revise it, but here’s a few suggestions based on what people tell me every time I tell them about the project:

It may make sense to point out some of the advantages of a smaller project, such as having more flexibility to make changes etc.
Maybe something along the lines of “Join a team in which you can move something.”

In the introduction, it may make sense to point out a bit more what we’re all about - probably these days not many people have heard of us at all.

In the section “We look for” (should probably be “We’re looking for”), it may make sense that we’re also open to any other contributions - if someone wants to do something we’re not actively interested in right now or someone has an idea we haven’t even thought of, let’s not turn them away.

Also, I think we can remove the list of languages in coding skills – new languages keep popping up all the time and it would be good to have someone to take care of whatever language they like.

It may make sense to add another point for packaging - while in a way that is coding, there’s a lot of people who can handle packaging (more like extended shell scripting…) than people who consider themselves real coders.

It may also make sense to call for people interested in porting to new hardware (and maybe point out that we currently support x86, aarch64, armv7hnl and are working on RISC-V), we have a couple of things going on there. Some people might be interested just for getting access to a RISC-V machine.

If we need space, I think we can remove the QR code.

And here is a preview of the old flyer:

Guys, i think it would be very beneficial if we add 3 lines of top attractive tech things we do. Devs do not like only bla-bla;) sorry for open talk;)


Maybe talk about our focus to clang and Qt5?

As I mentioned in the mail we should probably point out aarch64 and RISC-V porting, those are relatively hot topics at least in parts of the community.

Not sure what other bits we should highlight, clang and qt5 will be good for some, but many others don’t really care what the compiler is as long as it works.

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IIRC no one reads that email.
I’d suggest to replace it with FB account. Expose more our repos on Github and ABF.

Maybe put both – there’s some privacy aware/paranoid (depending on point of view) developers who avoid FB more than the plague, let’s not scare them off by listing that as the only option.


I noticed the event will take place on November 2-3…a pad could be useful to prepare the text
currently with the old unchanged text as a base

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We as Workshop and Artwork (thanks @Caig who made the old flyer and is taking care of the current) can move things around, make it beautiful, etc. but I’m afraid for the text here we need developers’ help to write down some proper sentences which other developers will read and understand correctly.
In short, the dev-ish language :stuck_out_tongue:

TPG, could u please create 1 paragraph, what coolest things on tech side we have now? That would greatly help!

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Time flies. If you haven’t anything to add I’d go with the current revision.

@bero @klebedeff Deadline for further comments and additions today evening? wdyt?
Otherwise I’m afraid that you will not be able to print in time for the event… :thinking:

Till Tomorrow 11.00 CET works as well!


Credits: @Caig

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This new flyer is very attractive, congratulations!

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