So How Many Posts does it take to join the club?

Wondering how many posts a new user needs to make before new user can use all the forum tools like being able to post screen shots and links to deleted.something ect. You know, like a new user that has a serious technical issue.

If the purpose of this forum is to be social media this is OK, no problem. However if the purpose of the forum is for users to get help with problems with OpenMandriva you sure do make it hard for a new user to do this. I can’t post the link but you have a thread titled “How to get better results when posting about problems” where you tell users to do certain things. But if they are a new user they can’t do some of those things. If the goal is to be a forum for people to resolve issues this does not make sense does it?

@bubbawarthog :sob:

Any this is 4th post and I’m still thwarted as a second class forum member.

5th post. I’ll probably lose interest before I get certification to do “real” technical posts.

I do think any new user with a serious technical issue would be well frustrated by their 5th post. I am.

I have a strong suspicion that bubbawarthog is a forum moderator who created a new user account to check into a potential short coming this forum may have with dealing with technical problems for brand new users… And if I find out I’m gonna ______ and ______ and maybe _____. :astonished:

So maybe you can’t do anything and this is dependent on a forum moderator seeing your frustration and doing something secret to change your status. Which could get quite frustrating if no moderator is paying attention or available that day. Or if the moderator tends to forget about this because it is such a foreign concept to that moderator.

i will say how hard will it be to make more documation about openmandriva?
ubuntu and fedora have they own documentation but not easy to read or google for newbeginner.

wikipedia openmandriva.

Je teste cette openmandriva pour la première fois et effectivement pour un débutant comme moi , la première impression est , ouah! belle interface, temps de réponse rapide, mais on nous indique dans bienvenue tout ce qu’il y a de disponible , mais pas comment faire . Ça parait un peu brouillon …excusez moi…
Testing openmandriva for the first time and for a beginner like me really, first impression is : swell nice look, quick response time, wellcome shows us what is available, but no tuto really explains how to do.Looks rather like a draft …sorry , that’s what I feel , but I’ll go on there’s something in that distro that I like …

I will reply hard like to find the time to make it while already being heavily busy in building an OS & friends.
Still looking for volunteers.

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We have standard default discourse policy re the user’s permissions. That’s on purpose to avoid spammers and some unpleasant issues.
User’s permission depend not only on the number of comments published but also on the time spent reading the forum and maybe a few more parameters too.

With regard to the links not-allowed for newcomers to the forum, whilst the bots don’t own a brain, the real people have. It’s sufficient to cut the link so that it’s not displayed as a link anymore: i.e openmandriva. org and it’s done.
Same goes for the pictures/screenshots: if the newcomer is not allowed to upload it directly then use an image hosting service and write the link in the post (same way as above). The readers, being them provided with a brain as well, will understand and will act accordingly.

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That is sort of a policy. But it sure isn’t very new user friendly.

What is obvious to you may not come to mind for a new user frustrated with a serious issue. If we are going to limit what new users can do can’t we find some things that aren’t so directly related to presenting a legitimate issue. Maybe ban links and something else but not screen shots.

I believe strongly that if the purpose of this forum is to help users with issues the last thing we should be doing is making it more difficult, less intuitive, for new users to do exactly that. So if the purpose is to “to avoid spammers and some unpleasant issues”, which is a very legitimate thing to want to do, we should find a better way to do it that doesn’t impact our beloved new users and their very important issues.


Well I may agree (or not, not that important), however it’s not like a new user cannot publish posts, is pre-moderated or so…
New users still can read (I’d say that it’s always the first of all must-do one: read the previous and better the latest discussions, learn the customs and traditions, and the likes) and can also publish posts in plain text etc.
Frankly I don’t see the screenshots issue as an issue: as said you can provide an external link (method as above).
I’d add also that some forum don’t even allow to upload images, never… only links to image hosting services are allowed, fwiw to mention it :slight_smile:

Sure what we may do is to expand the How to get better results when posting about problems page providing there the policy and suggesting workarounds.

Currently, the rules are set as follow (extract):
What can do a user?

default trust level ==> 0: new user

default invitee trust level ==> 1: basic user
Default trust level (0-4) for invited users.

min trust to create topic ==> 0: new user
The minimum trust level required to create a new topic.

min trust to edit wiki post ==> 1: basic user
The minimum trust level required to edit post marked as wiki.

min trust to edit post ==> 0: new user
The minimum trust level required to edit posts.

min trust to send messages ==> 1: basic user
The minimum trust level required to create new personal messages.

min trust to flag posts ==> 1: basic user
The minimum trust level required to flag posts

min trust to post links ==> 1: basic user
The minimum trust level required to include links in posts

min trust to post images ==> 1: basic user
The minimum trust level required to include images in a post

How to be promoted to level 1?

tl1 requires topics entered ==> 5
How many topics a new user must enter before promotion to trust level 1.

tl1 requires read posts ==> 30
How many posts a new user must read before promotion to trust level 1.

tl1 requires time spent mins ==> 10
How many minutes a new user must read posts before promotion to trust level 1.

Btw, @bubbawarthog has reach the level 2 (member).