Set course for 3.03 release

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i think this is a good time time start a focus on 3.03 release, which will be a successor of 3.02.

Main changes:

KDE Plasma 5.10.x
KDE Frameworks 5.35 or newer
KDE Applications 17.04.2 or newer
Kernel 4.12.x
Supporrt for zstd compression algorithm (by default ISO image will be compressed with it )

Feel free to provide your ideas for improvements.

Suggested ETA for 3.03 GA is 2017-09-30.

Dates for ISOs:
Beta - 2017-08-01
RC - 2017-09-01
GA - 2017-09-30


Plasma 5
Release Schedule

KDE Frameworks 5
Release Schedule

KDE Applications 17.04
Release Schedule

Qt 5.9 ?

You surely mean 2017-09-30, don’t you?

Well, we must ask @bero if it is possible to not break things

I’d say definitely Qt 5.9 – it’s working perfectly in cooker.
Libreoffice 5.4 is another relatively obvious candidate for end users.

Cooker is working so well that I think we should seriously consider going for 3.1 (based on cooker) instead of 3.03.

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Would be nice to have a cooker ISO built, upgrade from 3.02 to cooker is a nightmare :head_bandage:

According to repoclosure there are lost of packages with broken dependencies in cooker. For example there are lots of packages still requiring python(abi) < 3.6 to be fixed.

I like the idea of @bero to upgrade of perl. Also most of java packages need to be update because they are becoming really outdated but I don’t know if all this can done for the end of September.

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Most of the repoclosure bits can be fixed by a simple mass rebuild. Right now I don’t want to keep the build boxes occupied with that because I’m trying to get some aarch64 install bits done.

We don’t necessarily need to update the java packages for the next release (even though I think we should) – if the choice is between cooker-based with somewhat outdated java packages and 3.0 branch with even more outdated packages, I’ll pick the former.

According to repoclosure there are lost of packages with broken dependencies in cooker. For example there are lots of packages still requiring python(abi) < 3.6 to be fixed.

Also I like the idea of @bero to upgrade

What about if I will provide the update for the java packages I need? Most of them are already on my personal repo and working in cooker but I don’t know if some of them broke some other package I don’t use.

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Great! Please go ahead… It’s ok to break cooker at times, that’s why it’s a development branch as opposed to a release. If your updates break anything we’ll see it when they’re in and fix it then.

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Actually I can make pull requests at github repo, merge directly on official github repo or build on ABF in cooker repo. What I don’t is how to public a pacakge in cooker repo. What is the way?

just merge directly on the github repo (or send a merge request if you’re unsure about a change and want someone else to look at it before it goes in – but that’s generally not necessary unless your change is so risky that it might break building anything that would fix it).
A cooker package build in ABF is automatically published.

For me this sounds like long term task, not a quick win like preparing 3.03 release.

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Ok. And what about new packages I need or I’d like to include?

That’s a bit more compilcated - you have to create a project in github (in OpenMandrivaAssociation), then add it here , then add it to cooker main or contrib here. Platform cooker - ABF
I’m not sure whether or not everyone has permissions to do that - you can always ping me, TPG or fedya if you need something added or you have a question.

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Well, thank you for the info. I’ll try the next days/weeks. :slight_smile:

Wiki page


@Council @Colin @bero Hi,

do you have a decision what should next, 3.03 or 3.1 ?
Imho would be nice to have a clear goal with a feature list, roadmap and dates to communicate with outerworld.


3.03 in september and 3.1 in december?

From TC-meeting this past Wednesday it was decided to do a Lx 3.03 next. Essentially we copied your Plan and Roadmap from 1st post in this thread.

What Raphael says about:

Seems about right to me. But that’s just me…