Server up again, after emergency migration

By entering people can see on top the first (the more recent) post titled One single place for community discussions.
imho clear enough, however we could highlight better the Blog/News link if you think must be improved [1].

Not sure to understand exactly what you mean :slight_smile:

I have disabled the slider (carousel) at the [old]Blog frontpage. In my opinion now is useless and confusioning.
If anyone is against please feel free to re-enable it.

[1] I edited a little the notice about new Blog/News


starting from:

where is the right path to achieve the forum?

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If you’re talking about a direct link, well there is none from here :confused:

You need to go back to Landing page and then go to forum. Should it be in banner?

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In fact yes, it’s even archived in pure html (no php to avoid piracy and reduce the need for database) here but the carousel is still there (I can’t remove it easily as there is no admin panel, all is hardly coded). However I can recreate an archive based on the modifications made by @rugyada

Subsidiary question still to rugyada: is the violet to be included as a new part of graphics design?

When should I do that? I can now of course… but I need to be sure about if I use this modified version for archives.

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:flushed: :interrobang:
No no…
I just disabled the slider, didn’t touch anything in appearance, color or whatsoever :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We may want to add forum link in the links list (Other services) for convenience.

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I was thinking that blog link should link to the news link. Another option is to do nothing unless more people notice or ask? My thought is since we have in the past publicized the blog link and people that got the links some time ago might come here and think OM is dead.

FWIW: When I go to the blog link I don’t focus right away on “One single place for community discussions” instead I first notice that the most recent post is from May 28, 2017. But not every one sees as I do.

Edit: In thinking about it perhaps to some people it would be more clear if there was a box at the top of page something like “OpenMandriva blog has been moved to OpenMandriva News”.

Edit-2: Some of us are more dense that others… :flushed:

I can make an eye-catcher image, instead of plain text, with this notice. WDYT?

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I think that would be most excellent @rugyada.

Done, although it came out not exactly the way I wanted…
Blame the rather old WordPress template :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @rugyada that should be clear to any dim bulb idiot. :crazy_face:

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