Serious problem removing unwanted programs

In a blog Linux have announced about the launch of OMA LX 3 and there is a comment from a user which reads as follows:

  • Luis Vicente Castillo Corbella says:

The distro is good, but there is a serious problem as do the dependencies between the programs, if such attempt to remove any KDE program for example KMAIL, you can uninstall but all the rest of KDE packages are like orphans for the system, not only KDE programs, for example if you want to uninstall CHBG (wallpaper changer), the same applies for belaying TASK-PLASMA, that is, as KDE is designated as an orphan and whether they use “urpme -auto-orphans” his system runs out of KDE.

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He is correct and there should be a bug report about this if there isn’t one already. But where does he say this? Please give us a link?

This is late but it is possible and fairly easy to remove packages from being ‘auto-orphaned’. Simply remove the packages you wish to keep and not have orphaned from ‘/var/lib/rpm/installed-through-deps.list’.

Granted this is a work around not a fix.

I do wish there were a way this could be fixed but it seems that it leads to to many problems in package management.