Sereno window decoration

If you liked the good old OpenMandriva 2014.x window decoration which Artwork Team chose as default style, I suggest to get the beautiful Sereno Aurorae Theme.


Thanks for the tip


Thanks @rugyada and @caig for the publication.

Maybe we could highlight this somewhere visible?


It can be another way to promote further our work.
Any suggestion?
@Caig @all

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Thanks, imo it’s just a small thing*, not for example a whole theme etc. Doesn’t it already gain visibility here? Thanks to @rugyada that discovered it and posted it here.
*But if it could be useful to promote…

another way to promote further our work

A way to collect OMLx-related artwork? Potentially I would like to propose:

  • a Galaxy-like decoration (not Aurorae, it follows the color-scheme) Galaxy - KDE Store (the old widget style can’t be ported, it was gtk :nauseated_face:)
  • The original IaOra widget style ported to Qt5 IaOra style - KDE Store I still have to make the windeco.