SDDM login screen incorrect after upgrading to ROME

considering how much time I spent getting all my hardware to work, and the intention of moving to Roling was because Steam was supposed to work again (which it doesn’t) perhaps I would rather go back to the old Rock and wait till 5.0 turned from Rolling into Rock.

Perhaps the Steam problem finds a solution in the other thread though :slight_smile:

I am down to look into the GDDM config files though if it is any help :slight_smile:

Rock 5.0 is going to be what ROME is now plus any bugfixes or upgrades we make before 5.0. Normal workflow in OpenMandriva is Cooker>ROME>Rock. Sort of like Fedoara Rawhide>Fedora>RedHat or openSUSE Factory>openSUSE>SLES/SLED.

Likely something you did during getting all that hardware to work has led to the issues you are having. We would need to know, step by step, what you did to problem solve this. Otherwise the problem is likely to repeat.

At this point I would say looking at sddm config files is attacking the symptom not the real problem. We need to problem solve the cause not the symptom.

well, the symptoms I had so far where actually really easy to fix. Once I understood what was going on, troubleshooting it went quite successful. If I spend a bit more time into it, I will certainly find out why KDE Plasma cannot be choosen in the SDDM Login Screen :slight_smile:

OpenMandriva is not my main productive OS, (that is Windows 11).
I have OpenMandriva on a separated SSD with a separated boot loader entry

I am quite happy how far I have gotten today within 1 hour of troubleshooting already.

Perhaps the last two things (KDE Plasma) and Steam can also be fixed.

I am not in a dire need or time restriction here to get this right ASAP again.

So far I am happy I did get everything working without compiling any packages or so, as I said earlier, I didn’t really much fiddling compared to what I had to do back in the ealier days :slight_smile:

Edit: I can’t really help much to troubleshoot this without knowing what has been done to your system. Would need to know what changes were made to the system and exactly how the system was upgraded from Rock/4.3 to ROME.

The main sddm configuration file is /etc/sddm.conf. 2 other related files are /usr/lib/sysusers.d/sddm.conf and /var/lib/sddm/state.conf. Mine look like this:

⁄etc⁄sddm.conf.txt (850 Bytes)

⁄usr⁄lib⁄sysusers.d⁄sddm.conf.txt (113 Bytes)

⁄var⁄lib⁄sddm⁄state.conf.txt (279 Bytes)

The system is ROME Plasma desktop.

@Nafcom another thought is that since you have a ROME system I would not hurt to do this:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allowerasing dsync

and to keep your ROME system up to date:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf dsync

Do not upgrade your ROME system with dnfdragora or Discover.

OK now I may be getting somewhere with this. You have gdm-44.1-1.x86_64 and sddm-0.20.0-4.x86_64. gdm=gnome display manager. sddm=simple desktop display manager. I think these are controlled by systemd. So you would need to disable the gdm service and enable the sddm service.

Post the complete output of each of these commands as code (use the </> icon):

$ sudo systemctl status gdm

$ sudo systemctl status sddm

or gdm might be:

$ sudo systemctl status gdm3

Those are status commands they do not do or change anything regarding your system.

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