Samba doesn't work in 4.3

I’m having trouble connecting to a Samba share from OpenMandriva 4.3. I tried adding a network folder in Dolphin, entering the smb://… URL in the Dolphin’s address bar, and also tried to connect to the shared from Krusader.
None of the above worked. Is Samba broken or maybe some packages are missing?

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That’s just a Samba share in my Mikrotik router - the easiest way to interchange files between Linux, Mac, and Windows.
I wonder how no one else uses Samba shares…


j’ai un soucis avec mon nas synology, dans la barre d’adresse de dolphin je met smb:// et le nom du partage et rien ne se passe, ça affiche “chargement en cours” alors que je n’ai aucun souci avec une autre distribution.

I have a problem with my synology nas, in the address bar of dolphin I put smb:// and the name of the share and nothing happens, it displays “loading in progress” while I have no problem with another distribution.


Hi all.
I don’t think samba is broken. I have Synology NAS and Illumos host with Samba 4.10. All work fine.
Who have troubles, please do smbclient -d 4 -L//<hostname> and provide output there.
May be problem is trivial.

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I’ll do that once I reach my OMV machine at home tonight. Right now the only guess is that Mikrotik’s shares use the older Samba 1 version, which may be disabled in OMV.

There are also others who use samba shares, but don’t use OMA!

In the meantime, I figured it out how to fix the issue. I installed the samba-libs package, and my shares started working as expected!

OMV should include samba-libs by default, imo.


I’ll try your solution too.

Thank you

Thank you very much, your solution works very well :slight_smile:

Please file a bug report. Otherwise this will might be forgotten. The bug report needs to filed by someone that uses samba.

Even in my case it solved. I recommend installing samba-server if you want to share your pc’s resources on the network.

cool that helped me out : - )

Since after months samba-lib is still not installed by default, I report on this post, it could be useful to someone.


I am surprised, I thought we did fix it.

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Updated samba should have the fix.
Please confirm.

samba 4.17.0-3

Samba users may also find useful this tool

$ sudo dnf --refresh install samba-mounter

Thanks to @AngryPenguin who did help me with porting the package to OM.
Thanks to @astragalo for the package request.

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For Rock (4.3) users this is fixed with samba version 4.15.3-6. The thanks for this again go to @AngryPenguin, I just copied the fix for Cooker and Rome to the .spec file for Rock/4.3 package version.

Package is in testing repo so to install on Rock x86_64 system open Konsole and copy, paste, and run this:

sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo rock-testing-x86_64

I do not use samba so can not say how well the software works but it does install OK.

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The samba packages that pull in samba-libs as a dependency are moved to regular repos now. Most folks should get these in next upgrade or dsync for Rock or dsync for ROME.

For ROME this is samba version 4.17.0-3 and for Rock this is version 4.15.3-6.

Off topic but hugely important: ROME users always upgrade your operating system with sudo dnf --refresh dsync or maybe better sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf dsync.

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Now it’s so much better, thanks.