RPMLint 2.0 released!

Hey all,

Nearly four years and 754 commits since rpmlint 1.10, we are
releasing rpmlint 2.0.0!

This new release has a lot of new features, but here are the most notable:

  • RPMLint now is a “normal” Python application and now supports being
    imported like a standard Python module! This means that all the normal
    use-cases for RPMLint are still supported, but now you can make it a
    part of larger Python-based applications or services.
  • RPMLint uses a declarative TOML-based syntax for configuring RPMLint
    policy instead of Python code.
  • RPMLint now has an override system for the descriptions shown for
    various checks, so that distributions who want to give specific policy
    information can do so without patching the code.
  • RPMLint includes many more checks! Nearly all of the generally
    useful checks created by the openSUSE community have been merged into
    the tree, so distributions can now benefit from a wider offering of
    checks to implement policy enforcement.
  • RPMLint is Python 3 only and now supports Python 3.6 and newer.
  • RPMLint is now built and installed like a standard Python
    application using setuptools.

I want to specifically thank Tomáš Chvátal, Martin Liska, Kristyna
Streitova, Dirk Mueller, Miroslav Suchý, Ondřej Súkup, thisisshub, and
Miro Hrončok as top contributors to make this release happen!

Full author list with number of commits:

309 Tomáš Chvátal
197 Martin Liska
47 Dirk Mueller
26 Kristyna Streitova
24 Neal Gompa (ニール・ゴンパ)
24 marxin
21 Neal Gompa
21 Ondřej Súkup
14 thisisshub
11 Miro Hrončok
9 Kristýna Streitová
8 Miroslav Suchý
6 Markéta Calábková
5 Ville Skyttä
4 Ben Greiner
4 Frank Schreiner
4 Van de Bugger
3 David Greaves
3 Matwey V. Kornilov
2 Daniel Mach
2 Matthias Gerstner
1 Cathy Hu
1 Ludwig Nussel
1 MeggyCal
1 Petr Menšík
1 Stefan Brüns
1 Steve Kowalik
1 Werner Fink
1 Wolfgang Stöggl
1 Yanko Kaneti
1 tpgxyz