Root privileges for user

I don’t think it is safe to have a user with root privileges.
In many instances like system updates, OMV LX 3.0 demands user password instead of the root one.

I have seen this in OMV 2014.2 and there has been a problem to configure user privileges that was solved only later.

I have tried to change the defaults for passwords for system update, hardware configuration, etc at
MCC => security => Configure authentication for openmandriva tools, but changes did not take place; so I think OMV LX 3.0 has the same problem as OMV 2014.

Did somebody else also experienced this?

Thanks. It is now working the way I prefer.

I have filed a bug on this and have to notify this on “issues report”.

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Yes. Sorry, I forgot.

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No sorry :wink:
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Ah! Right. Guess I’ve done it right this time!

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Perfect :ok_hand:
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