ROME Evolution and theme change issues (KDE)

I installed Rome KDE yesterday and was looking forward to the experience however I did not get very far. I much prefer the Evolution mail client which I use successfully on multiple distros despite these running KDE. Evolution installs via the repo but does not run. From terminal gives a locale error. Then I attempted some theme customizations having also installed ‘Oxygen’ from the repo but trying to initiate this as the application style (or anything else) goes nowhere as the ‘Apply’ button remains greyed out. Maybe I’ll wait for the ‘Rock’ version and try again.

Hi. Evolution works here but rememeber this is a GTK app and I can only guarantee its working on gnome iso.
Due to the fact that Plasma ISO may lack some libraries needed for Evolution to work.
To solve this problem. Can you run evolution in the Konsole and paste here the log from what appears in the console?

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