Rolling Beta/RC ISO's (Test These)

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We are getting close to the public release of our OM Lx Rolling branch. These ISO’s are basically Release Candidate quality. Please give these as much testing as you can manage and report any issues in the Development Testing forum or file a bug report.

Rolling x86_64 ISO

Rolling znver1 ISO


This screenshot shows a little bit of what you will get with OM Lx Rolling.

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Updated ISO’s in first post. (2021-04-11)

Also need to report that the public release of Rolling is once again delayed. The latest problem is issues with our main QA tool. People are working on this.

Those of us in the contributor group are learning that these delays are part of how things transpire in an all volunteer organization where every contributor is part-time and unpaid. When one key person has a day job emergency or family event, ect. things get delayed. There just are not any paid employee’s to tell get <some_function> done by <some_time>.

It is worth mentioning that folks in the contributor group have been using Rolling since release of OM Lx 4.0. It is well working and has been stable for us. So users are certainly welcome to use this and by so doing you will be helping us test. The more testers on more varied hardware the better.

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