Rework download page


@bero expressed the will to make the download page clearer.

We can replace the JS collapsible popout with a neater text, but easier to understand. TBH this page was more a demo of the kind of things we could do as it’s using the materializecss framework. The collapsible effect is this one (popout). I’m even more in favour using less JS stuff.

Who would like to work on a better text?


:white_check_mark: - BITTORRENT: →
To create new folder “old” (files and checksums)
only current release .torrent file to be displayed at main page

:white_check_mark: - OUR MIRRORS:
A plain list with direct links to our mirrors/current (the latest current stable release)

To clean (to remove or archive) obsolete releases

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please visit our FAQ

may lead to a Downloads FAQs page (to be done)

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I keep looking at this and wanting to do something but so far I seem mentally blocked as to what to do. So maybe I can revert to the age old “Somebody do something”? Which is both unfair and the epitome of human nature.


We’ll have in order:


While I know for sure that SourceForge is the best preference, I’m not sure about the 2nd and the 3rd order. No strong opinion here, and no preference.

A popout will open with the following text:
Go to [*]

[*] If possible, at this SF page there should be a symlink pointing to the latest current stable release, a folder named “Current” for example

A popout will open with link the status of OMA mirrors and some text explaining “how to not to be bothered with mirror statistics, and to quickly get my iso [cit.]”, that is a plain list with direct links to our mirrors/current (the latest current stable release).
This may be a bit longer and boring task, however still doable.

- BITTORRENT: -> Index of /torrents/
To create new folder “old” or “obsolete” (files and checksums)
only current release .torrent file to be displayed at main page.

I’m not sure on how to manage the latter.
Maybe a popout with the link and some notes on how to get the ISO with a torrent app (?).
With regard to this item I cannot help because I’m not familiar with torrents and how-to-use.

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Post-edit: Am in agreement with @rugyada’s post above.

One quick observation is that for our Mirrors the Folder that has the ISO’s should be renamed from “release_current” to something more obvious like, oh, I don’t know, maybe “ISO’s”.

And if we want to keep older ISO’s then put in a separate folder like “ISO archive” and such a folder should only be in ABF not in our mirrors. Mirrors should only contain current ISO’s. Same for BitTorrent and SF IMO. SF is set up correct by the way though it is time to remove 2014.2, past time really.

BitTorrent is all wrong and needs to be changed ASAP. First in agreement with @rugyada it should only have current ISO’s (for now only 3.03 IMO). It’s just plain stupid to have things like 2014.1 and 3.02 listed in BitTorrent. That’s telling users “Please feel free to shoot yourself in the foot so we can spend gobs of time helping you correct your error in the forum”. And as we have seen, it can lead to reviews of “Latest from OpenMandriva” when what is being reviewed is anything but the latest. It can happen, it has happened.



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Here is the plain list. All links pointing to /release_current


BRAZIL  <--- no available, see screenshot










Also I’m attaching txt file for convenience if any needs.
mirrors_release.txt (1,8 KB)

I noticed also at something is wrong there

Hope (I’m pretty sure) @raphael don’t mind if I edited his first post so that we have the current situation at hand.
When a task is done we’ll add a check icon :white_check_mark: next to the item.

PS> Of course, more items may be added also later.

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Who is the contact person? I think is @john am I right?

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First attempt to rewrite Download page:

Just a first draft… :slight_smile:

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Btw, please don’t think I’m not following the conversation but I’m in vacation and my network coverage is very poor, i just succeded now to have a low connection.


Hi @rugyada yes I’m currently hosting the bittorrent files and mirror manager. There’s credentials on BBW for how to log into the VM that is hosting them or i can get new applications set up.


Hi, @john. Thanks for hosting these and keeping up with them.

Is there any possibility we could remove outdated versions of OpenMandriva from here? I personally would only want to see Lx 3.03 there at this point but at most there should only be that and 2014.2.

OM Lx 2013.0, 2014.0, 2014.1, Lx 3.0, 3.01, and 3.02 need to be removed ASAP. We don’t have resources to be trying to help anyone that would install any of those. They can be archived somewhere on ABF but should not be available to users.

Thanks @john
if you kindly can do, I think it will happen quicker and better done.
Would you?

Is better than our current I think. I made a small change under BitTorrent adding:

“Note: Please only install currently supported version which is Lx 3.03”

which can or course be removed if we get the other systems moved from or removed from the list.

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Work still in progress: downloads draft

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I’m liking it. May be ready for prime time.


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The page needs of some cosmethic adjustments. I’m just drawing the skeleton at my best and when we’ll be close to agreement on the whole content maybe @raphael can do his magic :slight_smile:

Aside, tbh I’m feeling not at-the-top comfortable with the Spip text editor, the result is often different from what I wished to get :grin:

@ben79 I’ve removed all but 3.03 and put 2014.2 in the “old” subfolder.

Sorry it took this long to complete, I’m currently in the middle of moving house.


Thank you very much @john.

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