Retiring from the distro

hi all

With regret, I have decided to stop contributing to OMV - effective immediately.

I have worked on OMV since inception in 2012/2013 and before that being a contributer to Mandriva (probably starting in earnest in 2006/7 or so in some small way), and before that a user of Mandrake since 7.0 days. I loved the Prague meeting and the sense of purpose in creating the distro, but since then it has been a bit of a down hill slide I’m afraid.

People have more or less stopped contributing to the extent that fedya, bero and TPG do 99% of the development on cooker now. I chip in with bug fixes and updates where I can but lately I feel like i’m fighting a losing battle, due to the sheer volume of things that need doing in addition to bug fixes. We switched to a rolling system which requires good QA measures, but we simply dont have the man power to achieve either the QA or the updates/rebuilds needed for this kind of model, so thing invariably slip through the net. This has further contributed to the opinion that OMV is not for users, just developers. Over time, things havent gotten any better on the contributor front and the distro has lapsed. People dont want to upgrade from 2014 to 3.0 due to a perceived lack of quality, but 2014 is fast approaching obsolesence.

For instance, people talk about updating python 3.4->3.6 on 3.0 but this would require a huge effort which simply cannot happen or be adequately tested with the current setup. In cooker deps are left broken because someone updates to the latest but the deps are not rebuilt, there simply is not enough man power. This makes it hard to get stuff built on cooker without rebuilding a,b,c deps before the actual package you wanted to build in the first place. So stuff gets built on 3.0 first which is not the original intention. There are not enough people to fix bugs which dont relate directly to them (perhaps this is an odd thing to want to do, especially with your free time!).

Dont get me wrong, TPG, fedya and bero do great dev work, as well as colin, rugyada, ben, luca, mandian, jcl, anyone else who I forgot (sorry!!!) and all the folk who set out to help by raising bug reports. But for me it has just stopped being enjoyable and more like a chore, which is not good for anyone.

I had huge fun doing 2013/2014 and felt we were doing something good, but since then it hasnt been so much fun for me. However I do think what has been achieved with the man power available is impressive.

The fact that I’m posting this here instead of the cooker ML (because it is broken, it hasnt worked reliably for a couple of years for me now), is indicative of the decline I feel. I wish all contributors the best for the future, but I fear the worst sadly.

anyway, to all who I’ve worked with on OMV (who are all excellent), please keep in touch.


Cris that is very sad, but in fact very true. We lost the primal momentum, when people started to leave community.

Cris if I may suggest something, then please rethink your decision :+1:

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@crisb It’s a hard shot to the heart.
Cannot say how much we are grateful to you for all your contribution.

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I am very sorry to see you go. All the best in the future.

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I understand. Thanks for everything

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Hi, @crisb, thanks for everything, may I ask: is there something that may have a chance to make you reconsider yous decision?

Well the person who maintains the ml is unreachable, so the ml is currently moved here to be integrated to the forum. I waited for official agreement of council to announce it. Also several things are on the fire and almost done related to infra (so no decline here, quite the contrary :slight_smile: )

Really I hope this may be a temporary retirement, so that it gives motivation to reach some specific goal.

Sad news. @crisb thank you for all the work you have done.

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HI, @crisb, the problem you raised it real and a solution is needed.

GitHub repo could help a bit even if actually there are some issues.

Sad to say but it is the truth. Fixing bugs is a big task for just one man and people perceive missing replies or fixes as a lack of interest by distributor. I’m sure technical improvements of infra will help but this problem will remain here. Attracting new skilled people (or recover the old one) may be an obvious solution, but I don’t know the way to achieve this. As reported elsewhere I really like the package how-can-i-help was introduces in Debian (the biggest communitarian distribution) to involve people in bug fixing. Maybe something similar can be done here too.

What about cooperation with I don’t know how it really works now but a cooperation with other Mandriva derivative may help on this point. I’m not speaking about merge or join, of course, but just about cooperation in some aspect such as but report an patches as showed in this slides (see slide 29 and 30). I’m aware it is not a simple task also because Mandriva galaxy is more like to an archipelago than to a pyramid but everyone can take some advantages from this.

This is not my case (I’ll switch to 3.0 as soon as I’ll finish to package some other software I need) but few bugs related to some graphic card, GRUB configuration and Calamares did it. It’s a bit surprising for me to notice lot of people didn’t noticed all the other improvements 3.0 has. And about 2014 I believe is too old to get a real support other than security fix. And support more than a version without enough manpower is not a good idea.

So, @crisb, your decision makes me really sad too. It was always a really pleasure for me to cooperate with you so I really hope we can find a fix for this situation and you’ll came back, after a pause. But you’re right it’s not the case to continue if you are not more enjoying. I hope to meet you again here or elsewhere.

Thank you for all your contributions here and all the best for all your wishes,

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