Request for information and comment about bugs

OpenMandriva blog ( latest entry was Dec. 28 2016. What’s up with the association and the distro? No news whatsoever???

It is rumored that there was a meeting in Hungary with some people involving OpenMandriva. Who or what was this? What transpired? Any meeting logs? Why no communication whatsoever about this?

Latest TC-meeting seemed focused on switching from urpmi to dnf. Meanwhile users are complaining about bugs not even being checked for weeks. I was at the meeting but had to leave before it got to AOB so I could ask some of these questions.

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humm, urpmi it is a piece/part of the heart of Mandrake/Mandriva/Openmandriva,
if anyone want kill em, it is a further part away of the Distriebution who
named now Openmandriva… !
The Distriebution should consider fastest possibly again add the rpm-installer,
and it is possible now again with calamares…

decide to remove/change out the urpmi would be the worst decide !

the next step would be to kill drakconf ! so then why not give up directly the OMLx then ?
and named it KDE/Plasma/Android or arm-linux or some crap !

To late. Developers have decided. No need to discuss with community, decisions have been made and work is in progress to replace drakconf, drakx-tools, and urpmi, urpme, urpmf, urpmq, ect.

This distro has become a playground for developers. There is no longer even effort made to communicate with community. The association has no checks and balances. One group rules all and makes all decisions. At least that’s how it looks from my perspective.

Edit: And this is not my first mention of lack of communication with community. The silence has been deafening, perhaps even defining.

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I’m not a developer and don’t know if it’s necessary to replace drakconf, drakx-tools, urpmi, ect. But my understanding is that it is a good idea as they are outdated and written in an unfavorable language, poorly maintained, ect. My complaint isn’t about the technical aspects of all this it’s the complete absence of effort to communicate with community. I mean to decide to replace these basic fundamental things decided by a very small group and the rest of the community apparently can like it or lump it.

And where is Council in all this? If this had been discussed within the entire community imagine how much energy could have been created? Instead the distro appears to be dying from lack of interest.

Dear @ben79
The fact imho is that there is not so much contribution from the Community people (on development, packaging, and all these technical things).
I’m agnostic about tech stuff, nevertheless I’m all in favour of “who does decides”. Even if I may or may not agree with some decisions :innocent:
Disclaimer: I’m not defending whoever - just trying to show some reasons, from my personal POV.


And where is Council in all this?

In Council 5 of 9 are developers.
(I don’t know if this answer your question)

no one has asked why in budapest?

Not that I know.

True, we don’t seem to have a community of doers. There are ways to get a community more active and involved but we don’t seem to have people skilled at that either.

As to the rest, I’m thinking.

And I still know nothing about the meeting in Hungary and that is driving me up the wall making it difficult to focus on anything else about this distro right now. I don’t get it, why no communication. That seems wrong from my perspective.

Both drak* and urpm* are written in perl and ASAIK there aren’t perl guru in odmv so it’s better to change these old tools, also because some drak* tools are quite old and don’t do things in a modern way.

I don’t know … I hope technicians may do better chooses also because then they effectively have to work on these. But about general aspects I agree the community could (should?) be involved.

Well also I’m waiting a report from Budapes meetings on blog or fourm … :innocent:

This may be true but it is difficult new people start to contribute if they know nothing about technical stuff. In fact omdv wiki is really really poor and packaging policy is empty. How can people contribute at this stage? Write documentation on wiki is not a difficult task just time expensive and boring but IMHO a good wiki is always a good start point for a community distribution.

In general well translated tools it is a really appreciated by users. Also from time to time I red about someone on forum or bugzilla offers to translate some part of omdv (for instance oma-welcome or calamares) but it can find nowhere how to really contribute with translations. If I see well there is not all on transferix.

Finally I think people would like to receive an answer form bug report form developers but I see also bugs with high priority without any feedback from them. I mean any kind of feedback, not necessary yes we fix this now, also a we can't or it's not a priority is a feedback. Not receiving feedback discourage people and not attract to OpenMandriva.

This is a problem now as well as an ongoing problem. I don’t have answers for this. I do know it isn’t intentional or because those involved don’t want to or don’t care. There are basically 3 main developers all part time, all get overwhelmed with other stuff at times. I don’t see how this is going to change until we get to say around 8-12 part time developers.

My opinion is that we definitely need to release a system as much as possible stable, as much as possible tested, as much as possible bug-free.

Guess currently we are at the stage where we run in circle: the less we release the few users are getting curious and try/install our distro > less people give feedbacks and file bugs > less bugs are fixed > potentially low quality > users’ disappointment > no interest > no contributions > few developers working hard on a lot of stuff > releases delayed hence few releases because of time & ressources shortage > restart.
More or less… :slight_smile:


Stability is the answer.

Who cares about clang, f2fs and rolling release? seems noone except omv devs.

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I’m sure of it! From time to time I contact them and I think they really are very smart people.[quote=“luca, post:12, topic:1028”]
Stability is the answer.

That’s sure. First of all people look for a working system and other stuff are interesting only if the system works, of course.

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