Repositories tl;dr

Media Sources

We have four basic media sources: /main, /unsupported, /restricted and /non-free.

How to manage repositories with om-repo-picker

Application menu > Software Repository Selector (om-repo-picker)

or you can select OpenMandriva repo-picker in OM Welcome

or you can select OpenMandriva repo-picker in OM Control Center


/main is the core packages maintained by the OpenMandriva Lx team.
This includes anything featured in the install images as well as many more applications considered important. /main/release repository should always be enabled.

Common users should never enable /testing repos in stable release.

If for some reason a common user will need to, do it at your own risk


/unsupported represents community maintained packages. They are not supported by the core OpenMandriva Lx team and depend on package maintainers to update it.
There may be many packages that will not install and others that install but do not work properly. Users are welcome to use whatever they find in this repository that is working.

How to enable unsupported repo in om-repo-picker


/restricted contains libraries that are not installed by default due to legal concerns, such as patent issues.
The usage of these packages vary by country. OpenMandriva Lx is not responsible for their usage. If you believe that their usage is disallowed in your country please disable the restricted repositories.

How to enable restricted repo in om-repo-picker


/non-free contains applications and drivers that are distributed but do not meet the definitions of Free Software.
While we can adjust the packaging of such applications, we do not have the source code and therefore can not fix problems caused by anything in this repository.

How to enable non-free repo in om-repo-picker

Third party repositories

You may as well want to enable some third party repositories

After the changes

When you are done with your changes, run the following command in console
$ sudo dnf clean all ; dnf clean all ; dnf repolist

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:information_source: Note:

When you install OMLx ‘Rock’ you have by default only 2 repositories enabled: rock and rock-updates

$ dnf repolist
repo id                            repo name
rock-updates-x86_64                OpenMandriva Rock - x86_64 - Updates
rock-x86_64                        OpenMandriva Rock - x86_64

You can check also by typing command dnf repolist --all|grep enabled

$ dnf repolist --all|grep enabled
rock-updates-x86_64                          OpenMandriva Rock - x86_64 enabled
rock-x86_64                                  OpenMandriva Rock - x86_64 enabled
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