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OMV LX 3.03


Looking for alternatives for video support of nVidia graphical card than mesa, I’ve found out nouveau and nv drivers were not available for one of my two computers.

That leads to the question:

Both computers have main, main-updates, contrib, contrib-updates, non-free, non-free-updates, etc, why urpmi sees nouveau support only in one of them?

The one that sees nouveau has been updated since OMV LX 3.01. The computer without nouveau availability had a fresh OMV LX 3.03 install.


Comparing the files,


I have for the computer that doesn’t see nouveau

main\ updates  {
  key-ids: bf81de15
  with-dir: media/main/updates

and in the computer that sees nouveau driver,

main\ updates\ (Einsteinium3.0-2)  {
  key-ids: bf81de15
  mirrorlist: $MIRRORLIST
  with-dir: media/main/updates

Is this just a matter of changing the line mirrorlist to


try using the second config for the first one , the only difference I see is the installation version code name
( Einsteinium3.0-2 ) and the mirror list variable $MIRRORLIST in the second config.
swap those two and put them in the first config and see if it works.

I have to apologize for getting people’s attention on a mistake like this. Nouveau driver did not appear when I used MCC because it was a fresh install and I did not change the default “only packages with a graphical interface”.

However there seems to be a real issue: I cannot configure the graphical support to use nouveau with XFdrake. Thought it was because nouveau’s driver wasn’t available but this seems to be another issue/topic.

Thanks a lot

good luck …I have not used xfdrake since mandrake 7 in the old days.
sounds like your kernel doesn’t have support for the card you are trying to use.

you’re welcome