Replacing systemd with runit -- how?

Hi, folks.
I’ve been searching for a way to replace systemd (which I dislike very much!) for another init service, and have found that there is a runit rpm package available at OpenMandriva Contrib repositories, what was a exciting surprise to me!
However, I need to know how much this packages works to replace/disable systemd; I guess it only replaces systemd as init scheme, but keeps systemd there, once it is a dependency to a lot of other packages/applications.But I have to be sure! I’m experiencing troubles with sound in my desktop, and I wonder if it could related to runit as init scheme instead of systemd, due to some systemd-dependency of pulseaudio, alsa or whatsoever…
I look forward to have your comments and suggestions.

This would be an issue for developers. They can be found on the OpenMandriva Cooker mailing list and on Freenode IRC @ #openmandriva-cooker.