Renaming of contrib repository to unsupported

Recently in Cooker and for new releases going forward we renamed the contrib repository to unsupported. This change does not affect previous releases like Lx 3 or 2014/2013.

The contrib repo historically going back before inception of OMA is meant to consist of packages supported by community members. It is by far the largest repository in terms of number of packages. It is huge. Over time the majority of packages in this repo have been abandoned and are unsupported. A lot are also unsupported upstream. A lot are ancient and unused/unusable in modern Linux.

On the other hand there are also a lot of useful and somewhat popular packages that are used and useful to our users.

So what does “unsupported” mean in this context? It means not officially supported by OpenMandriva developers. Further it means that OM devs are not obligated to fix or update packages in this repo. It does not mean that OM devs won’t fix or update packages in this repo, they will and they do, it means this is among the lowest or their priorities. Nothing is changed in this regard only the name of the repository has changed to better reflect this.