Rename "system" user to "Chwido"?

Why don’t we name our friendly system user that greets new users and starts categories “Chwido”?


Why not :wink:

Sure, go ahead :slight_smile:

There we go, I changed it and hopefully didn’t give Discourse any problems. I also give it the title “Bot”. It could probably do with a square profile picture though.

I’ll try to make a round avatar for chwido.

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Oh no, the name changed itself back :worried: is this because of an update or…?

Apparently we can’t change username, only long name:

I have created a user Chwido that will be used to send welcome messages (instead of my profile, I just realize welcome messages were done in my name)

If possible, can you please assign to “System” the chwido avatar?
Since users start choosing OM logo as their own avatar, it may bring confusion.

We also should keep chwido avatar reserved for system and strongly recommend users not to set it as their own.

How about changing the ownership of all the current posts to the Chwido user, and forgetting about the System user?

Imo, please do what you believe is the best choice. Just let’s make clear what is ~system ~admin and such, and what not.
I agree with whatever fits this requirement :wink:

I’m ok also for replacing ownership with chwido.

Some thoughts,

  • impersonating an admin is a serious ‘forum crime’ and there’d be issues with it beyond just the image use.
  • if people do set the logo as their icon that’ll get pretty confusing but oh well.
  • should we leave the language forum welcome messages in the ownership of a user who speaks that language, so users know the name of an admin who speaks their language?
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