Remove gnome very old apps


  • **OpenMandriva Lx version:5

  • **Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):gnome

Hi everyone, I’m not exactly an openmandriva user, on the contrary, I have always been a fedora user (a distant relative we could say :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I like the spirit of openmandriva and I would like to try it as soon as the new SSD arrives, in a day or two

for the moment I took a view of it on VM (with openmandriva gnome), it’s not like a real installation, without the gpu available, but I got an idea and I would anyway like to try it seriously

the only problem is that I noticed that openmandriva has (at least in the live image) installed everything, absolutely everything, even useless things, like the Gnome Search Tool, which in my opinion is no longer of any use or the Gnome-Packages application, which doesn’t even work anymore, by a long time (at least on other distros)

is there a way to remove them without doing damage?because for example removing gnome-search-tool also takes away gnome-core-panel, gnome-screensaver and other various things (from terminal, from software it took away half the system and nothing worked anymore), removing Gnome Packages also takes away gnome software and I think also packagekit

how can it be solved?is there a method or i can only hide them in some folder?

thanks everyone

hoping to be on openmandriva soon :slight_smile:

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You can remove apps without regard to dependencies with sudo rpm -e --nodeps package-name. But they probably should be removable with sudo dnf rm package-name.

The Gnome ISOs are community spins of OpenMandriva you may wish to talk to the maintainer @AngryPenguin. Or on OpenMandriva Chat he is angry-beer.

Hi. Thanks for report. Things should be fixed soon.

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hello there and thank you for the answer, it’s the right one

i tried anyway to remove another package (the old screenshot app, which is useless, since gnome made a new tool not long ago) and it removed half the system borking everything

i guess i will need to do some tests on bare metal :slight_smile:

hello and thank you for the work you’re doing

so far i noticed
gnome-pagkagekit (the app)
gnome-screenshots (should be called this way, not really sure

anyway removing those results in removing essential core components and making the sytem unusable

i have no problem removing/installing them on fedora 39, so i guess should be adressed (apart for the packagekit tool which is not available anymore on fedora…

There are some new gnome packages published. Try updating the system like this:

$ sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf up

Then try and remove the packages you do not want. Let us know what happens so we will know if the fixed worked in Rock/5.0.

hello, just tried on a live image, after doing the update you suggested

removed the gnome-search-tool and had no problems at all
removed the packagekit app and removed tons of things including flatpak and gnome-software
removed the old screenshots app and borked everything removing almost all the system

anyway i need to point out that it’s on a live (not installed) system vm, as installing it results in a non bootable system

i am actually waiting for my ssd to come in a day or two, to make a proper install

Edit: I do not use the gnome spin I use the main KDE Plasma isos and installations. So not sure about this in gnome but I do not belive removing packagekit is supposed to be doable.

You can boot the live iso and then update it then try the removal.

But the updates only work during that boot, the iso is not writable so when you boot again it reverts to original packages.

Maybe it is better for someone new to a distro to use it for a bit, at least a few days before making big changes. If there are packages installed you do not like or do not wish to use just do not use them. Just a thought.

hello, don’t you worry, you’re already kind giving me answers

anyway, a few considerations

  • dnf clean all gave me 0 results, dnf up updated something but situation didn’t really change
  • gnome-packages is a very old app that has received just an update in 5 years, and anyway, at least on the live iso, it does not work, it just crashes as soon as i perform a search, and despite having a similar name, it’s different from packagekit, the underlying technology, in fact on fedora you can have gnome-software withouth gnome-packages
  • i tried removing gnome-screenshots on fedora and had absolutely no problems at all, that’s why i think should be doable in openmandriva too

no offense intended of course, just shariing my impressions :slight_smile:

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