RegCM installation!

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to install a climate change model called RegCM from the website:
the model requires at least two compilers which are openmpi and netcdf.
Will mandriva be a good choice to work on or recommend me please with other choices!
Many thanks.

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NetCDF is a library and it’s not in OpenMandriva repo. You may request for it.

I don’t know any compiler called openmpi but if you mean OpenMP support both gcc and clang have.

Will there is a package called openmpi in repos (from rpmdrake):

“openmpi - Open Message Passing Interface​ 
Open MPI is an open source, freely available implementation of both the MPI-1 and MPI-2 standards, combining technologies and resources from several other projects (FT-MPI, LA-MPI, LAM/MPI, and PACX-MPI) in order to build the best MPI library available. A completely new MPI-2 compliant implementation, Open MPI offers advantages for system and software vendors, application developers, and computer science researchers. For more information, see .”

$ urpmq -y openmpi

And there is package called netcdf:

"netcdf - Libraries to use the Unidata network Common Data Form (netCDF)​ 
Notice: This is an official package supported by OpenMandriva

NetCDF (network Common Data Form) is an interface for array-oriented data access and a freely-distributed collection of software libraries for C, Fortran, C++, and perl that provides an implementation of the interface. The netCDF library also defines a machine-independent format for representing scientific data. Together, the interface, library, and format support the creation, access, and sharing of scientific data. The netCDF software was developed at the Unidata Program Center in Boulder, Colorado.

NetCDF data is:

o Self-Describing. A netCDF file includes information about the data it contains.

o Network-transparent. A netCDF file is represented in a form that can be accessed by computers with different ways of storing integers, characters, and floating-point numbers.

o Direct-access. A small subset of a large dataset may be accessed efficiently, without first reading through all the preceding data.

o Appendable. Data can be appended to a netCDF dataset along one dimension without copying the dataset or redefining its structure. The structure of a netCDF dataset can be changed, though this sometimes causes the dataset to be copied.

o Sharable. One writer and multiple readers may simultaneously access the same netCDF file."

$ urpmq -y netcdf

@ben79: you’re right. I searched for NetCDF (with upper letters) only.:blush:

Thanks for the info,
Then I need to use old copy of Mandriva!
I used 2010 edition before to work on RegcM but now I can’t install the model because many things changed since 2011!
I will try to install today and then back with results .

Why? What posted here leads to need for older version on Mandriva? Mandriva does not exist anymore.

We showed that the packages you say you need are in OpenMandriva Lx 3. I’m confused.

No, Mandriva, as said in above post does not exist. There is OpenMandriva is that what you mean?

I am trying to install and use a climate model “RegCM”"
I used to use it on mandriva, now there is openmandriva. Can I use it too on the same way I used mandriva before?
Is it built on redhat distribution?

Best answer I have is you’ll have to try and see. Not a lot of average, everyday users are going to be using “RegCM” are they?

As far as I know a lot of source rpm’s used by developers come from Fedora which is free version of RedHat. (But I’m not certain of this.)

Your questions might be answered better on the Cooker mailing list or in IRC #openmandriva-cooker at Freenode. That’s where you’ll find developers and more technically oriented users.

AFAIK especially java stuff is usually taken from Fedora but other parts I don’t know. I don’t think it is the case of C/C++ stuff, also because OpenMandriva usually prefers clang over gcc even if both are fully supported, So the answer really depends on what part you need of use. IMHO if you use C/C++ part and all the library you need are already packaged there are no reason to not use OpenMandriva except you need some special configuration or use some linux unfriendly video card are causing some problems in 3.0 (but this is usually due to proprietary driver or lack of information about hardware so I can’t ensure you other distribution work better with them).

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