Recent mailing list migration

We have successfully completed migration of all our mailing lists (MLs) to a new server. This should solve the problem of delayed email delivery that we have faced intermittently in the past.

What went well?

Configuration and member lists for each ML remain unaffected.

What didn’t go well?

Mail archives before Dec 31, 2015 are not available in the new setup. If you want access to our previously public archives, please drop us a line at om-infra_at_ml.openmandriva_dot_org

How does this affect you?

For the most part, MLs continue to work seamlessly and you shouldn’t notice a disruption. However, list personal preferences, such as digest options, subscriptions password & settings, etc. may have changed for you. Please log into individual lists and verify your preferences.

During the course of our testing, we haven’t found any breaking problems with the new ML setup. If you’ve noticed anything wrong, please feel free to reach out to us at om-infra_at_ml.openmandriva_dot_org.