Realtek Wifi Card not detected


  • OpenMandriva Lx 4.2 znver:

  • Desktop environment KDE:

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):

I installed OM 4.2 znver1 due to my Hardware and i had the problem, that my WiFi Card (Realtek) was not detected because driver rtl8821ce is not present.
A few days ago i installed Mageia 8 and there it worked out of the Box.

THis is quite sad for me because i prefer OM instead of mageia but it seems that i have to go back to Mageia.
I know, that this WiFi Card is a little “exotic” but it is even possible to install the driver in alls kind of Ubuntu flavours, in Linux Mint and even in Arch Linux you can install it via AUR
Is it possible or is there a workaround to get this driver running in OM 4.2 ?

Firmware for above driver is available in kernel-firmware-extra rpm package. We do not ship on our ISO a non-free frirmwares.

In case of Magei they provide firmware for this driver in rtlwifi-firmware rpm which is in non-free repository. Guess they ship non-free packages.

Thanks for answering.
That s a pity that you don t ship the driver on yout Isos so i` ll have to choose Mageia

:+1: ok, problem solved.

Well we follow GPL license so we do not ship on our ISO any software that license does not follow free/open software spirit. Unfortunately that needed firmware for your WiFi card does not comply.

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