Re: [OM Cooker] Best attempt at open Lx 3 bugs list

This is my attempt at an updated open bug list for Lx 3. Partially in anticipation of upcoming 3.02 release. Would be good to close as many as possible. Some should be easy to close as say upstream, invalid (not that we have any dumb ass users…), can’tfix, or simply being checked by the right person.

The list is probably incomplete. I know of a section of open bugs against ‘Package Foo won’t install - dependency’ for instance. Or I missed something.

If there are any to add/subtract to this list please let me know.

Anyway this will include the most important bugs. List totals 54 currently. People, including at times me, complain about lack of attention to bugs but I removed 20-25 bugs off old ‘Open Lx 3 bugs’ list. I added about 15 new ones. Didn’t count but in future I’ll try to remember to track this. Maybe even make it a weekly or monthly event?

Thanks for everyone’s effort and hard work.

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List does not include “Package Foo won’t install” bugs, otherwise complete.
68 total as of April 8, 2017 - 14 bugs closed this weekend.
Rebooting takes place without the user having the chance to remove his/her medium - Fix from ROSA inside
samba 4.3.8 - this security update borks a lot of stuff
dolphin - unable to drag and drop file to smb shares
New Package Request: httpcomponents-asyncclient
libreoffice-java is missing of maven stuff
Package Request: python2-avahi
kdeconnect is not enabled by default in firewalld
Web browsers default startup page not customized

remove-unused-packages doesn’t remove unwanted hardware packages.
drakdisk show my home partition as swap type
Can’t resume after sleep when the power cord is in
log4j12-1.2.17.jar and log4j-1.2-api.jar share the same artifactId:groupId

python-matplotlib and segfault in libunwind

fcitx keyboard widget block layout switch in browsers (firefox, chrome, etc)

Tap to click is disabled by default.

I’m unable to change Elantech touchpad settings

python-pypoppler violate python package naming policy

Installation: in small screen is difficult

Calamares italian translation in first window

nvidia driver: blank screen instead of loading X11

Minimal iso

systemd 321-2 can’t start properly on ARM
Issue with Polish language on desktop icon

windows too tall

drakrpm incomplete translation in pt_BR

Package zynaddsubfx-dssi don’t install

Package zonemanip don’t install

Package zero-install don’t install

Package aoi don’t install

Package evas don’t install

Package yoshimi don’t install

Package xlog don’t install

Package wordpress don’t install

Package opera don’t install

Package mysql-client don’t install

Package asterisk don’t install

Package hydrogen don’t install

Package metasploit don’t install

llvm 3.9.0 segfaults on armv7hl

Bug 1929 - util-linux 2.27-1 causes segfault in clang

Bug 1984 - dhcpd service don’t start due Type=notify

Bug 1985 - core dump in squid

Bug 1991 - Login does not display.

Bug 1995 - Network doesn’t start up.
Please add ability to update system to installer.

Bug 2014 - OMV 3.01 i586 doesnt boot, start jobs running

Bug 2030 - clnt_create: RPC: Program not registered

Bug 2036 - ksmserver-logout-greeter signal: Aborted

Bug 2044 - Add danish to language list under live

Bug 2056 - systemd coredump in container

Bug 2058 - cyrus-sasl-2.1.27 breaks kmail smtp authentication
installation impossible
choosing replace force filesystem to f2fs
Suggestions when selecting language during installation
Suggest not so show english text on pictures during installation
wireless with low sensitivity
Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel
Spaces are missing in languages list (UnitedStates UnitiedKingdom)
xguest wrong italian translation
volume at login
Package Update Request: protobuf
ssh/telnet , screen
Calamares can only run once!
netprofile don’t affect proxy settings in systemsettings
MCC proxy don’t affect browsers
Some issues with MATE desktop
k3b bizarre error message - many devices in use.
lightdm - The following packages have bad signatures

Edit: List updated April 8, 2017.

Edit: Changed bugs closed this weekend from approx 30 to an accurate 14. Learning to count… :worried:

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So far 346 total bugs filed against Lx 3. 239 have been closed and 107 remain open.

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