Question on /home after installation of OMV LX 3.0

I had 2014.2, two partitions: 60 GB with / and 500 GB with /home.
New OMV LX 3.0 was installed at the first 60 GB partition where another /home was created whth no symbolic link to the old (preserved) /home.

I would like to have the new /home as a symlink to the old /home so as to have access to my files.

Any suggestions?


Hi @adelson.oliveira
To get it right, /home is in the same partition as / currently, am I right?

The new /home is in the same partition as /. So the answer is Yes. My old
/home, that has all my files and work, lies in another (bigger) partition.

When I install I use ‘Manual Partitioning’ and select one partition to format and be root and select a different partition to not format and be /home. That simply adds your /home to /etc/fstab to be mounted when system boots. Screenshot showing current partition setup with separate / and /home partitions. This is super easy to do.

One can also add other partitions to be mounted, I add two I name /Data (on another HD) for storage and /Data1 on my SSD for VM’s in VirtualBox. Obviously you don’t ever format these. (They can be named anything one desires as long as it is preceded by the forward slash).

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This is screenshot of /etc/fstab automatically created by ‘Manual Partitioning’ in Calamares installer.

One can see from seperate UUID’s that / and /home are on separate partitions.

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If you simply want to access your old home, as root:

  • add it to fstab, and mount it in something like /old_home.

However if you want to replace your new home with old one, it’s a more complicated process, you need (as root)

  • to unmount current home
  • maybe mount it to a new directory if you want to keep access (still in fstab)
  • Then you mount your other disk as /home. Be careful about the rights and data.

Do you need more detailed process?

edit: my post is kind of very short and not very precise because I reply with my phone :slight_smile:

Dear Ben79 and Raphael, thanks for answering.
I decided to reinstall OMV LX 3.0, again using live mode, to follow the “Manual Partitioning” and I got /home at the second and bigger disk partition.
Installation went fine and my login showed that all my files was there with Desktop configurations, etc.
Other users, defined after installation using MCC, did not went so well. Anyway, I’ve made a backup and now I can recover other users files easily (I guess).

Having /home correctly in the secondary partition is what I needed first!

I’ll report any other bugs, problems, as soon as they ocasionally show up.

Thanks again.

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Yes. This seems to be solved.

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