Question about xscreensaver packages

I did not have xscreensaver (version 5.38) installed as I have gotten used to not having screensaver. So to test these packages I installed them. And I found that after installing that the daemon does not start automatically on boot or login. Thus user has to add a script to ‘/etc/xdg/autostart’ or add it to autostart in SystemSettings5 (for Plasma5 desktop).

My question is if this is desired behavior? If not would we want to add that script to package so daemon automatically starts after install? Also asking in case users ask so I can tell them correct information.

FWIW: The packages work fine here and otherwise could be moved to main-updates IMO. I did vote ‘Accept’ for these packages in Kahinah.

Note: (Setting in SystemSettings5 adds script to ~/.config/autostart thus will only be set for that user and may only work for Plasma5 desktop). So it may be wise for user to add script to ‘/etc/xdg/autostart’ so this is set globally.