Quaternion - Qt5/QML Matrix client - updated

Quaternion, a cross-platform desktop client based on Qt5/QML, has been updated.

[…] it features an entirely new timeline layout similar to that of Riot (the old one is still around too). Also, you can now change some settings through the menu rather than by editing a configuration file or registry – including switching timeline layouts on the fly!

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tried the Quaterinion executable with wine …it seems to work . going to unload the tar ball next.

Why not testing the flatpak @jimmyc?

Not Familiar with flatpak can you instruct how to use it ?
every AppImage I’ve tried never worked.

there is always something missing , even though everything is suppose to

be there.

@raphael care to familiarize me with flatpak , is it just like AppImage or not ?

@jimmyc well tbh i’m neither familiar with flatpak nor appimage, but yes it’s the same kind of package.

Iirc i have installed package from one of the two (also once a snap package). I can have a deeper look if you want :relaxed:

No biggie I’m good.

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Thanks to @bero Quaternion is now available for Cooker and in testing repository for Lx3. Feel free to enable testing repo and install it urpmi quaternion or download directly package without testing repo. Quaternion for x86_64 or i586.

EDIT: Remember to leave feedback here or/and mark it as good/bad in kahinah.


Thanks @AngryPenguin and @bero!

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Thanks @AngryPenguin got the rpm x86
for some reason urpmi did not work it stated " No package named quaternion " so I got the rpm instead .
will try it out now.

You would have to have the correct testing repo enabled.

Post edit: And I do and it did. Now just need to figure out WTF it does…

It doesn’t seem to do much. It asks for a Matrix ID and password but does not say where to get that.

Post edit: Progress: Maybe. I figured out how to get an account and get to rooms for #openmandriva and #openmandriva-cooker. Not sure if I like matrix rooms.

Bug Report: I found a bug.

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Just trying it on virtualbox. First try urpmi quaternion gives me no package found but it need only repo refresh. So go to drakerpm - openmandriva control center --> configure … --> update repository. Then urpmi found package.

@ben79 Im not familiar with matrix but from what I see now. Just create account on https://matrix.org/beta/#/register then start client and login on this accound. Then join to server. For example /join #linux:matrix.org ten It should ask u about agree EULA and after It should loging into room.

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@AngryPenguin no worries. Thanks for making the package available. And keep up the good work!

The fact that I may or may not like matrix rooms means little.

Got it . thank you :+1:

nice wallpaper :sunglasses:

# urpmi.update -a


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