Qt 5.13

Hello again! I’m putting this in a separate thread as i don’t want to anger the forum gods here.

It was announced that Plasma 5.16 has some QT 5.13 oriented bug fixes… Since plasma 5.16 is going to be released, i was wondering if QT 5.13 would too, or if you plan to stick to the LTS QT?

We’ll go with 5.13 – the consensus among our developers is pretty much that LTS releases are counterproductive.
There’s always way more bugfixes in a new release than what gets backported to an LTS – so people putting themselves on an LTS will get the opposite of what they want. They want super stable, but what they get in reality is missing out on a number of bugfixes.
The only possible advantage with an LTS is that you get the bugs you’re already familiar with – but then, if you develop against an LTS library and you rely on a bug that’s not getting fixed, it’ll only make transitioning to the next release harder.


Agreed! Definitely seems that way with Plasma. Although i think the stability factor has better ground once both plasma and the QT version hit their first point release with more bug fixes.

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