QA really needs help getting things working again

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I’m having real difficulty getting our QA stuff working correctly again. I need help as I keep posting on IRC.

QA is blocking any release of anything until we get QA things working correctly again. This means packages in Rolling and 4.2 must publish to testing repo. In Rolling currently they are not. And this means packages that do get published to testing repos need to also show up in QA’s main tool Kahinah. So far that is not happening either.

I never ever thought when we released 4.2 that we still would not have this stuff working over a month later. I know the server collapse was a factor, but still this stuff has to work for QA to do QA. Not optional.

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This is likely not the best place for this part but another tool I really, really, need to work again is the ability to ssh in to I do not use this daily but when I need it this is usually very important. On a personal level I would like this restored so I can continue learning how to use abf from cli.

As far as I can tell this is simply because since the server crashed my passwd is no longer recognized. In spite of me asking nearly daily about this I have received no response. I’m sort of at my wits end as to why no response?

This part is mainly, if not only, managed by r_xu. Not sure if it’s still maintained… Better is to ask him when he lurks around cooker discussion room.