Problems with database RPM?

Sorry for my English, I would help many people.
I had cyclic problems for insolvable dependencies.
In this case, I use the procedure given to me by jclvanier.
In terminal root :slight_smile :

Erase all database elements :slight_smile:

rm -f /var/lib/rpm/_db*

Recreate database RPM :slight_smile:

rpm --rebuilddb

Search for update :slight_smile:

urpmi --wget --auto-update

If errors found …, bitte sagen Sie es mir aufrichtig!

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In my case I used

rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*

with a double starting ‘_’.


It does need to have the double underscore to remove and db files.

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Did this and my problem(?) continues. I receive error messages when I do

rpm --rebuilddb

like those reported at

which are

rpmdb: BDB2055 Lock table is out of available lock entries
error: db3associate:db3.c:1674: db->associate(12): Cannot allocate memory

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