Problem with boot display (rolling-testing repos enabled)

@ben79 Ben - When rolling-testing is booted, I noticed the initial display in grub2 before the OpenMandriva splash appears, does not display that it is booting the specified kernel or the reference to the ramdisk, that screen is blank. I looked at the menu entries and neither line item is listed. They are displayed for cooker and rolling, however.

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rolling-testing is a repository not an operating system. Rolling now named ROME is rolling.

For this issue we will need more information: If there is some problem resulting in installing a package from testing repos that would be the purpose of testing and thus we would need to know what packages were installed from testing repos. Or just the list of all packages in the distro-sync right before the problem occurred.

Another way to test this is to disable the testing repos and run dnf clean all ; dnf distro-sync and let dnf downgrade packages installed from testing and see what happens.

Thinking about this report a little more I think after the grub2 screen goes away and before you get to the plymouth splash the screen is supposed to be blank. It isn’t always but I do not think devs consider this to be a priority. Would be interesting to hear from a developer (@bero, @TPG) that works with OM kernels on this? I can understand that what has been in that space recently looks intentional but I think it was more of an accident. A year ago there was something very different displayed in that space that looked like a warning but was not.

Hi, try to give the command:

sudo update-grub2
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I rebooted my desktop ROME system and after grub2 menu disappears there is only a blank screen until I see plymouth splash.

So next I tried suggestion from @astragalo. No change, this ROME system is znver1 which did not get 5.19.12 kernel. So this is with 5.19.11 and 5.19.8 which suggests this has nothing to do with kernel version. The packages in last upgrade:

ROME-dsync.txt (8.6 KB)

In that list the only thing I know of that is involved with booting would be systemd, so maybe something changed or got cleaned up in systemd package stack either upstream or by OM devs.

I still think that the ideal is for there to be nothing displayed as it currently is. But not sure.

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Going to ping @rugyada as this could be specific to the build (Plasma full).

When you boot the system, once the grub2 menu is displayed, press e to get to the edit screen, then scroll down. In Build # 1403 (the full ISO and what this thread pertains to), there were no echo lines displayed at the outset, resulting in the described “empty” graphics screen at the start of the OpenMandriva Plymouth process.

In both Builds # 1286 (Plasma slim) and # 1308 (Xfce) (my other VirtualBoxes), the same edit screen contains two echo lines, one displays Loading kernel-desktop-5.19.12... and the other displays Loading initial ramdisk...

Both of these echo lines were not included with Build #1403 initially. @astragalo Running update-grub2 caused the creation of the two echo lines afterwards and the text from them are now displayed as described.