Prioritize translations and discard discontinued texts

I was translating “hcl_drakhcl.pot” (but the same happens in others) and found several “Mandriva web services …” “Mandriva account” …, etc. What would be optimum? To a resource upon translate just see the expression “mandriva” then abort the entire translation, or translate all remaining lines?
Is it likely that resources containing the strings “mandriva” going to be written entirely?

Another thing: using 2014 mandriva live as a guide I’m translating what I think are the
first interfaces with a user meets at start the live system (just
already I finished oma-welcome) and I check things like that … but I
see there are other resources that are already translated and to revise
this, I see some English texts copied untranslated. To correct…or
translate new resources?


@tapwag any follow for this topic?

Hello braytac,

there is currently some progress concerning the translation of the OpenMandriva Linux distribution.

Unfortunately I never really figured out how to make changes directly on the former ABF from ROSA and mainly edited the source code directly and change the strings directly in the source code itself.

TPG indicated me that our master sources are on ABF but what I am not sure about is the issue of

We do have repositories there - OpenMandriva Software · GitHub

What I do is that I fork the repositories and edit the strings directly in a plain test editor and then commit and push them to the repository. I also now have commit rights on this. Still we would need a way to have updated as well.

Another aspect is that with is that we currently have exhausted our free account but as an OpenSource project we can get free resources from them. We would have to apply for this. I wrote to Council to have this discussed and our secretary approaching them for free resources.

The issue of old Mandriva-branding still comes up fairly often and I am happy of everyone notifying me when there is such an issue. In that respect thanks for putting this forward on the forum.

As far as my language (German) is concerned I am not using that often anymore and we still need to publish directions of linking with our build repositories. Raphael agreed to publish some information about using the command-line client on the Wiki when we last spoke in Krakau.

Note: Adding @braytac tag in case he could be notified :slight_smile:

Hello raphael!.
I apologize for my inactivity. I had noticed time ago he could not authenticate in transfitex, so I did not know how to proceed. But anyway I did not continue with translations to be sure that the full basis of the original Mandriva in English were to be effectively part of the distribution. I missed a bit of the two or three sites openmandriva (transfitex counting) without knowing specifically what had been the discussions of translations. I was concerned enough to advance in the sections that I was choosing to translate, and then they may be were not to be used.

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