Printing queue problem

I have configured a remote hp printer (f4280) and sent the “testing page” twice. The first time the printer seems to be “unreachable”, the second time it was not printed as well.

My problem is that I cannot cancel these two printer jobs from the printer queue.

When I try, a window is popped up asking for a user and password to “conclude the operation” but, although it suggests the root as user, the root password is not accepted (user or password invalid), the same happens if I try my own user and password.

My user already belongs to the lp group. What is wrong?

I’ve noticed the same problem with cups web interface(localhost:631)
If I try to add a printer i’m asked for login/password, but there is no way to login.
I added my login to lpadmin group and used lpasswd with no luck :frowning:

This in journalctl:

ago 21 08:52:53 luca-pc cupsd[3037]: PAM _pam_load_conf_file: unable to open config for password-auth

so please, file a bugreport.

changing /etc/pam.d/cups from

# Use password-auth common PAM configuration for the daemon
auth include password-auth
account include password-auth


auth include system-auth
account include system-auth

seems solve.

I confirm :slight_smile:
in addition you can add that smb cups backend is missing like this old bug (workaround works but I have no time to install my printer for the moment)

strange I have a choise “windows printer via SAMBA”

ASAP I’ll open a new topic because I can’t install my printer :wink:

Impossible to install my network printer (smb protocol)

Changing /etc/pam.d/cups as suggested by luca worked well here. Now, I can cancel jobs from printing queue!


Please, file a bugreport :wink: