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  • _**OpenMandriva Lx version:9.1

  • _**Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):KDE

Command Center Hardware selections all open other than Printer. This button or selection, however it is called does nothing. Multiple reboots does not change this.
I added task-printing-misc for my Brother Laserjet Printer (HLL-dw2395dw in specific).
Only Generic Printer shows besides that designation for the other default of .pdf file.
Generic Printer has minimal ‘properties’ and does nothing when printing attempted.
No idea as to how to print here.
CUPS is at least in the system per dnfDrake, but CUPS not given as an alternative and no manner of trying to access it can be made in a 192.0.2.x or other designation in the URL line of a browser in Firefox.
What to do?

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@MarkJKropf there is no version 9.1 of OpenMandriva Lx. Current versions are Rock/4.3 and ROME/23.08. ROME is a rolling type of release and designed for individual users. Rock is a very conservative release designed more for business and server use.

And I forgot something. To know what release open Konsole(terminal) and run cat /etc/release or the fancy new neofetch.

That would seem to be the correct thing to do.


Not sure what you mean. I am in a ROME system at the moment and I see:

When you select to Add Printer be sure the little (to small perhaps) icon in lower right corner has stopped turning. This can take a bit of time.

I hope this is helpful.

I found a reference to a note, and I believe by you that I may have to remove the usbmxd and ipp-usb files with a dnf rm command and reboot to reinstall. Too bad it took so long to find this. I may not have to have borrowed you. Am out of the house now on a Fedora unit which has not had this problem and will try that later. The business makes little sense to me. It would be better to not have the usb driver put in until the operator starts the placement and have a dummy function in its place. Why the default setting has not worked properly is unclear. If it is only to function as a dummy anyway, having some blind end in the coding might possibly work, though I have no idea how all of this has been coded and in what language or by what means.

You are right. I was thinking of the Mageia release which I have fiddled around beforehand. Rome 23.08 is the correct version and that was my mistake.

That is for setting up a printer with driverless driver. I do not understand “driverless driver” but I am doing that with my HP printer.

Some of your questions should be answered by an OM dev. It can be faster to talk to OM devs using OpenMandriva Chat. If there is any way we can improve we would like to know.

Thanks. I may chat with them, but decided to go with the CUPS generic if I could use a driverless driver anyway. if that does not work, I will press them for a more specific driver. I do not require anything beyond basic printing so however I can get the printer to work is fine with me. Using a generic driver of no specificity gives the output needed anyway.

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