Php-pear packages in the main repo

In the process of dropping php-pear* packages from Contrib, I’ve noticed that there are several dozens of such packages in the main repo.

Do we really need them? They shouldn’t cause any build problems, but if no other packages need them - maybe drop them from main? In ROSA, we moved all php-pear-* rpms to contrib and dropped many of them without any visible effects for users.


Anything that was not touched for long time should be removed.

php-pear is required because it provides pecl which is used to get the (so
called deprecated) php-mcrypt plugin which is required by bothe cloud server
packages we ship. Since php-mcrypt has been removed from our repos there is
not other option to be able to install it.

Do you need only php-pear or some other php-pear-* packages?

It’s definitely ok to leave php-pear and possibly some other stuff from this set, but I doubt that we really need many of them. Finally, one can always install any package by launching pear/pecl from php-pear, as Colin seems to do.

php-mcrypt should not be needed for either owncloud or nextcloud as it should use php-openssl over mcrypt. if it somehow still does we should fix that…

There’s certainly an issue in Lx3 it’s mentioned in this https:// bug report.
Whether this has carried forward to cooker I do not know.
Either way percl is a useful means of building stuff we do no package so I’m
not sure it should be dumped. Maybe it should be packaged independently.

pecl is packaged into php-pear rpm itself and we are not going to drop php-pear itself.

When stating this thread, I meant packages like php-pear-Auth_SASL, php-pear-Cache, php-pear-Cache_Lite, etc.