Personal repository


are personal repositories already out or can be used?

Not sure.
In my case I can build for my personal repo but… can’t use my personal repo as repo :wink:
I mean when you build package “A” that have BuildRequires to package “B” and it is available in personal repo then this package will not be found.

See here build log:

angrypenguin_personal_main_release 2.3 kB/s | 153 B 00:00
DEBUG BUILDSTDERR: Failed to set locale, defaulting to C
DEBUG BUILDSTDERR: Failed to synchronize cache for repo ‘angrypenguin_personal_main_release’
DEBUG 4.0_main_release 43 MB/s | 15 MB 00:00
DEBUG 4.0_main_updates 11 kB/s | 344 B 00:00
DEBUG BUILDSTDERR: Ignoring repositories: angrypenguin_personal_main_release

Why? Maybe because repodata is missing. So still no dnf for it?
Look here missing repodata dir.

maybe @fedya know more :smiley:

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So I think personal repo have not been switched to RPMv4/DNF.


is there a plan to fix personal repositories in order to work with dnf?

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According to @bero, it’s already fixed.

Source: OpenMandriva Cooker discussion room.

Hi @raphael

I can compile but i can’t publish, even in cooker