Package upgrades for OM Lx 4.2

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There is an upgrade of about 42+ packages for OM Lx 4.2 pushed late yesterday. These are bug fix packages. It is normal for shortly after a release that there would be some bug fixes needed. Users always find things that we don’t see during testing for new releases.

We have and will continue to encourage more users to test especially Beta versions because it is very true that users catch things that QA and developers do not. Even testing in VirtualBox or just booting the ISO and checking things out is a help. Report what you find. We keep a list of things for each release version that users and reviewers comment on or complain about. In a perfect would we could magically just fix everything for everyone. That goal so far has proved to be elusive.

This is true of computer software in general, users are the ultimate testers.

Thanks for all of your reports.
It helps.


Greetings, @ben79 and thank you very much for the announcement. I am a new member here and a new OpenMandriva user. In the past, I had used Mandriva proudly.