Package Request

Hey Guys:
I know you’re probably busy, as usual… but I wanted to ask:

A while back when I was running Lx 4.2, the FreeCAD 3D drawing package was included with the distribution (v. 0.18.4) and there were problems with installation, which were eventually fixed.

I’m currently running ROME 24.01, and the latest FreeCAD package (v. 0.21?) is not presently included.

I was wondering if there might be a possibility of inclusion in a future release.

It was really convenient once the problems were resolved, and if that might be a possibility, I would look forward to it.

If not, I’ll find out what I’d need to do to work around it, but it is really nice to have everything coordinated to load and install directly from the distro.

(Who knows, I might even end up needing some help with that too!. :smirk:)

Thanks, and I hope you’re all OK and doing well.
(BTW, I’m liking ROME.)


Please check unsupported repository. Looks like freecad-0.21.2-1 is there.

:face_with_peeking_eye: Well…
…couldn’t be much easier than that!


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