Outdated Release Notes for OMV Lx3

Hi all.

The Release Notes for OMV Lx3 are totally outdated.

In Release 3/Release Notes - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva it says that OMV Lx3 come with:

  • Kernel 3.18.11 nrJQL. Lx3 Build 13845 uses 4.1.12.
  • KDE 4.14.3. Lx3 uses Plasma 5. KInfoCenter says it’s 5.5.1 (in Live)
  • LibreOffice 4.4.2. Lx3 uses LibreOffice
  • Firefox 37.0.2. Lx3 live has FF 43.0.

Even more, if during installation of Lx3 the option of “Read the Release Notes” is selected, I believe the page that appears is not Release 3/Release Notes - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva. I don’t know if it opens another page or if it uses an internal HTML page with the Release Notes. I didn’t take notes of the address at the moment of installing Lx3, but I think the page was different (shorter at least).

The schedule of launching that appear in Cooker - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva is also outdated. It says that the Final Release of OMV Lx 2015 (?) will (?) be available on September 25th, 2015.