Opensuse vs Openmandriva?

Hi did some know different by opensuse tumbleweed (without debian blueray disk) i think that is one of bigest distribution out there, so did someone know its it possible to make bigger installation disk with KDE\gnome\mate and much more default?
Or will it cost much?
I like mandriva more before that have powerpack, but not longer available.
So i hope you find a solution to make it bigger a way, because i like powerpack more than free edition.
But did not know if image be bigger than 2 GB?

OpenMandriva is chartered in Paris, France as a non-profit organization. There are no employees. It is entirely Community supported and the Community at present is small. All developers, package maintainers, testers, and QA people are volunteers. All have jobs, families and other life responsibilities in addition to the work we do with OpenMandriva.

We the best we can with current resources. Everyone currently has more to do than we can get done. There is no one sitting around waiting for something to do. That is a luxury we do not have.

openSUSE is a vastly larger organization.than OpenMandriva. Expecting OM to do all the things openSUSE does in not realistic.

There are no PowerPak plans. As I recall PowerPak was abandoned by Mandriva a few years before Mandriva S.A. went bankrupt. (Which in any event was years ago.)

Read the Release Notes for OM Lx 4.0 RC. This should answer most or your questions.

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