OpenMandrivaLx3.0 installation problem

I’m trying to install OpenMandrivaLx3.0 starting from a live usb stick by pressing the InstallOpenMandriva Lx icon.

The hardware set-up is as follows:

  • /dev/sda : Windows disk, which can’t be altered.

  • /dev/sdb : Live OpenMandrivaLx3.0 usb stick.

  • /dev/sdc : Target disk for the new OpenMandrivaLx3.0 installation.

I prefer a LUKS encrypted installation.

When I enter the partition section of the installation program, I specify at the bottom of the configuration form:

Boot loader location: /dev/sdc

When the summary page is displayed at the end of the partition configuration step, the bottom line says:

Install boot loader on /dev/sda

Is this a bug in calamares? I don’t want to touch the installation on /dev/sda. I prefer to do the complete installation on /dev/sdc.


I am not sure, but the version of calamares in Lx3.0 may not support LUKS.

The partitioning module of Calamares 2.4.5 requires KPMcore 2.2 or 2.2.1. Further distribution-specific deployment adjustments may be needed for full LUKS support, for more details see the Calamares wiki.

Under OpenMandrivaLx2014 I used the set-up where a small boot partition was not encrypted but the other partitions, /, home, swap, … were LUKS encrypted and the boot loader was placed on the /dev/sdc disk.

Is this set-up still possible with calamares and can you give me some pointers how it is done on OpenMandrivaLx3.0


In cooker:

$ urpmq -i kpmcore
Name        : kpmcore
Version     : 2.2.1
Release     : 1
Group       : System/Libraries
Size        : 2406316                      Architecture: x86_64
Source RPM  : kpmcore-2.2.1-1.src.rpm
URL         :
Summary     : Library for managing partitions

$ urpmq -i calamares
Name        : calamares
Version     : 2.4.1
Release     : 1
Group       : System/Configuration/Other
Size        : 3937873                      Architecture: x86_64
Source RPM  : calamares-2.4.1-1.src.rpm
URL         :
Summary     : Distribution-independent installer framework

So I don’t know if calamares 2.4.1 works with LUKS. It may be, however I’ve never try.

Technically recent version of GRUB2 supports LUKS so a separate /boot partition is not mandatory, however many distro installer don’t support this yet so if you choice such a configuration you should install GRUB with the right options by hand in a second time (for instalce from a live system).

Or is it a bug in OpenMandriva’s Grub2? I’m thinking grub2 is what does this.

If your trying to install Lx 3.0 then the cooker packages are irrelevant. Here are the package versions on the official Lx 3.0 x86_64 (build ID 507) installer/iso.

$ rpm -qa kpmcore
$ rpm -qa calamares
$ rpm -qa cryptsetup
$ rpm -qa grub2

So according to the Calamares wiki then LUKS should work. So failure is impossible…:laughing:

Those are indeed the package versions on my live USB stick producing the problem::slight_frown:

Perhaps a bug in the OpenMandrivaLx3.0 installation script ???

First my understanding of the problem is that LUKS encryption is working and the issue is that installer installs grub2 on /dev/sda instead of /dev/sdc?

If so it’s either a bug in installation script or grub2 script. Any way a bug report is in order here.

I opened bug report 1998.


Great. Could you attach omv-bug-report-log to the bug report. This provides developers with a lot of helpful information.

About bug report logs.

I noticed that you already added this omv-bug-report-log to the bug report.


No, look under attachments, there is no bug report log attached. How could I attach your bug report log anyway? It needs to come from your computer and either the install .iso or operating system on your computer.

Sorry, I was a little bit confused. I thought that you wanted me to insert the link of this discussion into the 1998 bug report (see comment 2).

Now I realize that you want me to run the “omv-bug-report” script on my new installation. The problem is that there is not yet a new openMandrivaLx3.0 installation. Do you want me to run the “omv-bug-report” script on my active live openMandrivaLx3.0 USB stick?


Yes, that would work.