OpenMandrivaLx.4.2-plasma.znver vs x86_64

Hi can some one update me? i have used before (Openmandriva LX 3.0) Issue with openmandriva lx 3.0 - #13 by ben79

But its was before this issue i use Mageia 7 insead (Questioin i ask if i should upgrade to Mageia 8 or its possible to get help with this?

Issue with OpenMandriva:

  • Firefox up to (85 (default) windows 10 or ubuntu have 86.0.1
  • Old kernel its possible to add kernel ( kernel 5.11 or later on fedora\ubuntu)
    *nvidia drivers not possible or easy to add (Driver Version: 460.67
  • only 2 GB iso files mageia use 4.4 GB.
  • Support of hardware is poor? Is Znver for ryzen or is still not testet with latest ryzen so you can not garanty its get better with UEFI or better hardware?

I know Asus X370 Pro did not support m.2 SSD drives for read\write with older openmandriva.
So i did not know if Mageia 8 is better for me? I hope some its will come Mandriva Power pack, with support of other tools like drivers and other things.

The Mageia forum is here. Ask Mageia folks about their distro do not ask here. This is the OpenMandriva forum we answer questions about OpenMandriva here.

Otherwise I do not really understand what you want.

Read the Release Notes. The part under ’ Available Media’ where is says ‘znver1’.

Answer is yes you should.
Definitely, you should.