OpenMandriva Wallpaper "Drake"

A new wallpaper I made for my “DeskTop” …I like big Screens.

"@raphael " My Girl from Holland likes this one.


Good wallpaper.

thanks :slight_smile:


A desktop view , I made a new menu button to replace the old one and darken the background
on the wallpaper :sunglasses:

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close up

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Reminds me the 2006 wallpaper :smiley:

I did not see the 2006 wallpaper do you have a picture of it ?
as for the wallpaper on this screenshot it’s cool . but I like the glowing menu button I made the most LOL
I was playing around with Inkscape and got on a roll making shiny glass buttons …

You can find old releases here.
In 2006, it was Mandriva. OpenMandriva didn’t exist yet.


That’s amazing , they are similar , I started using linux with mandrake 7.0 , move up to Mandrake 8 and enjoyed it for many years before my desktop burned out …power supply burned up LOL.
I did not get the chance to run linux Under the Mandriva distro name so I missed out .
I found OpenMandriva just by chance surfing around on the net , downloaded it and put it on a terra byte drive
I had laying around collecting dust. Now my wife is a " Linux widow " again …lol

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